Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The 20 Days of Christmas: Twenty Moms A' Stressin'.............

How the heck did that happen? Seriously, I have not bought ANYTHING for the girls yet for Christmas. I am so far behind. Actually, I haven't bought anything for anyone. Can you say stress? Oh well. I will get it done as I do every year.

We went to get our Christmas tree on Saturday and I love it! We went to a local tree farm and searched for the perfect tree. Naturally, the perfect tree was at the furthermost point away from the main house and it was about 10 degrees with the wind blowing. Just a bit cold. But, by God, we were not going to sacrifice the ultimate tree because of a little chilly weather.

We took all three kids and Emmitt and struck out. I love finding a tree and cutting it down. There was a small shoe box of a building that had hot cider and Christmas tree decorations for sale. It was nice and toasty and a great place to warm up a bit.

We took the tree home and decorated it while listening to Christmas music. I love this tradition. The girls love all their ornaments and then help me put up my stuff which is mostly country snowmen, Santas, and other fun stuff I accumulate each year.

Emmitt, our goldendoodle has been a freak in the snow. He is so funny. He barrels his face right through it and jumps around trying to catch it. He is already five months old and the BEST thing we ever did. He is so amazing and I live coming home to his kisses and all his "talking". Life is good.

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