Monday, December 24, 2007

First Reconciliation

Well, we FINALLY had the weather cooperate so that Samantha could have her First Reconciliation (confession). It was suppose to happen on December 11th, but the weather was bad, then it was scheduled for last Sunday but, again, the weather was snowy.

The children all line up and go one by one into the confessional (which is in the sacristy and consists of either a face-to-face confession or you can go behind the "purple" curtain). Naturally, Samantha was near the end of the line so it took forever for her turn. But she came out unscathed (I think) and was happy to have it over. She chose to have a face-to-face confession which surprised me. I was dying to ask her what she confessed, because I'm certain she didn't even touch on half the things she needed to! Naturally, I didn't ask because it her own personal thing but if she wanted to share...well, I'm all ears!

Next year: Megan. Ay, ay, ay.

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