Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Reconciliation

Last week Samantha started her classes for her First Reconciliation, known to us regular folk as getting ready for her first confession. Did we ever have to go to classes for that? How come there are all these new rules? many sins can a child have? This is a SIX week class, once a week for an hour. Now if it was Megan, I know she'd need the full six weeks. Actually, she's the more cooperative one. I guess I just don't see the need for so much preparation. Simply sit down with the priest, tell him you have major attitude, don't listen to me, slam the door, (which will be coming right off the hinges should it slam once more...), have major attitude (did I mention that already?), say your Our Fathers and Hail Mary's and call it a day.

Oh and did I mention that all parents are encouraged to participate in confession at the same time as their children. The kids all sit down face to face with the priest so it's more "comfortable". Like HELL do I want to do that. I want to hide behind my screen in the confessional. It has been along time, actually, since I went to confession so it may do me good. I should have someone come get Samantha at the church because I know I'll have a lot of penance to do. 'Well, Father, I tell a lot of white lies to keep the peace and I get great joy out of the fact that Mike is miserable, a cheater, has to pay me more child support, and he can't have his daughters 50% of the time. I enjoy his misfortune." I mean, is that wrong to tell the priest? Cause that's what he's going to hear. Oh well. Maybe I'll choose a priest I don't know and go fess up to him. Whatever. I'm prepared to do my time.

And then tomorrow night I have parent/teacher conferences with Mike. There is a half hour gap between Megan's conference and Samantha's conference. Just shoot me now. I'll go hang out in the bathroom and read.

So, for all of those who are going to read this blog, out of respect for my fiance and his son, they are going to not be a part of this. They would prefer to stay nameless and "out of the picture" so to speak. So, though I love them both, I am only going to talk about myself and the girls. Which is fine because I love talking about us.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Though I have to admit that having to break out the ice scraper this morning sucked. Aside from that I love to see the leaves changing colors, the "fall" smells, and the air is so cool and refreshing. It's the time of fairs, apple picking, pumpkins, and the impending holidays. I love lighting candles at night and getting comfy on the couch with a book and a warm blanket. If I only had the time to do it, all would be great!

We went to a pumpkin party at a friends house this past weekend. The girls each brought a pumpkin to carve and decorate. For those of you who know my children, it will be very easy to figure out which pumpkin belongs to which girl. Samantha is my serious one and was the first one to start carving and the last one to finish. It took her over an hour. Note to self: bring smaller pumpkins next year. Now Megan's take on life is "the flashier and more glitzy, the better". So in addition to carving, she painted her pumpkin too with bright colors and the word "princess". And it took her half the time it took Samantha. It's amazing how two children can be related and yet so different.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Running out of time!

As we all feel, the is a MAJOR shortage of time in every day. We are in the midst of building a bedroom in the basement of our house. Not only is the room not finished, it's not yet been taped and mudded. Kind of a necessity to move things along. Our friend who was suppose to mud it for us has blown us off for the past week leaving us no choice but to do it ourselves. Should be a fun time. Seriously what the hell do I know about mudding? Thankfully my fiance has built the room so far and has done an amazing job and he has a clue.

So once we get that done, we have to sand, skim coat it, and sand again. Then begins the fun job of painting. I have to admit that I enjoy it so that's no problem. Then we need to lay the carpeting. Maybe buying a bed would be a nice idea as it will be used as a bedroom.

So that leaves us a few days. Then there is the whole other issue of him packing his apartment and moving. Which would be fine if we didn't have 2 birthday party celebrations that will consume most of Saturday and he has to put in 8 hours at work at some point Saturday and/or Sunday. Ha. How's that working out? We shall see.........

Friday, October 19, 2007


OK. As I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs I'm going to try one of my own. I love keeping up-to-date on what is going on with everyone so here's your chance to keep up with me.

In a nutshell here's my life at the moment. Samantha is turning 10 in a few weeks and I'm in denial. Where the hell have the last 10 years gone? It's crazy that she'll be in double digits and going into the middle school next year. Megan is 8 and in third grade. Again, when did that happen? I must remember to pay better attention as the years fly by. I am definitely not ready for the teenage years and they are fast approaching. Samantha has the attitude to prove it! Did we start with attitude this young? I'm sure we didn't. Must be the new generation.

I bought a house in April and we are loving it. We have many new additions to our ever growing family. I am getting married next month (Nov. 17) to my boyfriend of 2 years and am quite excited! Five people living in a small ranch will be tight. So let's go ahead and add a puppy to the mix! We brought Emmitt home 4 weeks ago. He is a 4 month old goldendoodle (half golden retriever and half poodle). He is amazing and we love him to pieces. He is into everything, has a major shoe fetish, and loves tissues. In fact, he just threw up in the backseat of my car a few hours ago. It wasn't food that he puked. Nope it was the fluff from inside his squeaky guitar I bought him last night and which he destroyed in a matter of minutes. Note to self: no more fuzzy squeaky toys. They're bad news. And even more of a mess regurgitated. No thank you.