Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tying the Knot

I am officially an old married woman! Saturday was a magnificent day. The weather was a bit on the cold side but the sun was out in full force. We were married at my aunt's house on the water and it was beautiful. My cousin, Jessica, was my official wedding planner. She made our wedding cake, which was absolutely gorgeous and tasted amazing. In addition to creating a masterpiece, she also decorated the house in my favorite motif: fall. When I walked into the house I walked into my vision of a perfect fall scene. Throughout the open concept living room, dining room, and kitchen was visions of colorful oranges, reds, yellows, and burgundys. Lighted candles in small glass holders ran along the length of the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the water. There were pillars of cream colored candles with a burgundy satin ribbon wrapped around each one.

There were pictures of family members lost, who were with me in spirit. Seeing the pictures of my dad and my Uncle Lou brought the tears to the forefront! Having them "there" made the day even more special.

The girls looked so beautiful in their dresses. Samantha had her hair cut short and she is LOVING it. She looks so much more grown up. It's bittersweet for sure. She has always worn her hair long but she was ready for a change.

We hit North Conway for a few days and it was nice to get away! We stayed at the Adventure Suites in the "Love Nest". It was all about Elvis baby. The entire room was loaded with Elvis memorabilia from blue suede shoes, records and guitars affixed to the ceiling, to an Elvis shower curtain, beaded curtain to the bathroom, pillows, blankets, you name it! And as we walked into the room Elvis music was playing. it was great. All the rooms at the Adventure Suites are themed: The Jungle Room, The Love Shack, The Cave, Roman Spa, The Penthouse, .........Check it out.


Kim said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Everything looks fabulous. And the girls are SO grown up and pretty! CONGRATULATIONS!

Rene said...

What great pictures! Congrats to you and Bob. I'm very happy for you Sue.

Hope all is going great.