Monday, November 5, 2007

Double Digits

Samantha officially turns 10 tomorrow. Double digits is going to be the start of an entire new chapter for us and I think I might be scared. Actually, I know I'm scared. Nothing that a lot of Valium can't fix I'm sure! I have to admit I enjoy the fact that the girls are getting older and more self sufficient. I do miss them being little too, though. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I guess this is a good segue into a question I'm sure I'll be getting a lot...."Are you going to have any more kids?" Well, actually, HELL NO. My baby days are over. Now that we have five people in my family, there is simply no more space to expand. And I really have no desire to start over. I've been tired for the last 10 years and I'd like to start catching up on some sleep in this century. I really can't wait until the kids are so lazy and want to sleep until 11:00 am. I'll be slumbering right along with them. I have turned into more of a night owl and I really hate getting up early in the morning. As those of you who have children know, you're up at the ass crack of dawn each day. Not so much fun. And just because it's a weekend? Yeah, doesn't mean you're going to get any more sleep than every other day of the week. Bummer for sure.

So, we celebrated Samantha's birthday on Saturday with family and a few of her friends. It was mellow and nice. She wanted an "underwater" theme so that's what we did. Now, for the past 4 years I have been making their cakes to go along with their party theme. And I have to say that they have come out fairly good. I've done dog bones for a Clifford party, a purse for a "Fashion" party, the Wildcat paw print for Megan's High School Musical party, and I figured, how hard can it be to make a dolphin cake? I can whip that out in no time. Thankfully, my fiance, (we'll call him "Bob") is artistic and creative so he carved out the shape and I decorated it. I found out that I do not take after my cousin, Jessica, or my friend, "the crazy cake lady". How the hell do you frost the cake and not get all those million tiny bits of cake mixed into the frosting? I have to admit it aggravates the hell out of me. I guess when you use Betty Crocker frosting and a kitchen knife, the results are somehow not as professional as someone who has the right tools. Go figure. But it came out cute none-the-less.


Sarah said...

ah, I love the cake!! can't wait to see some more pics!

Kim said...

Do I know this crazy cake lady you speak of?? I think they look great!