Monday, November 12, 2007

The Final Countdown

In five days at this time I will be a married woman. No longer will I bear the burden of carrying my ex-husbands last name. Yea me. Though it will be a change for the girls to get used to me having a different last name than them. Megan doesn't like my soon-to-be married name (it sounds funny....gotta love her honesty) but I am happy to have it...BELIEVE me. The less I am associated with Mike the better. Hopefully the girls will feel that way at some point too.

So, five days. I'm thinking that we should perhaps get our marriage license. Might not be a bad idea. Also, maybe pick up our wedding bands. Again, not a bad idea. I'd hate to be too prepared so I am trying to save as much as I can until the last minute. I think I am doing a pretty fine job! Thankfully we can get the marriage license on the more waiting period, or for those of you who are much older, blood tests. Really, what purpose did the blood test serve? If it was to test for diseases well, at that point most people are s.o.l..

Anyway....some people in my family went to get started on some of the decorating for the wedding this past weekend. Personally, I didn't go so I will be surprised when I show up Saturday. SURPRISE! I mean really, who doesn't love a good surprise? Well, imagine my surprise when I found out our JP doesn't have a standard ceremony to go by for Saturday. Apparently, it's up to Bob* and I to provide the ceremony to him. HUH? What the hell happens when you go to City Hall to get married? Do you have to bring your own ceremony to that too? Craziness. So I wrote our ceremony today and it should take about 30 seconds, perhaps a minute if we stretch it out into long silences. That way we can eat and get the hell out of town. Just kidding....naturally. I did, in fact, write the ceremony and it will be short but nice. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Have a great night.

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