Thursday, October 25, 2007

Running out of time!

As we all feel, the is a MAJOR shortage of time in every day. We are in the midst of building a bedroom in the basement of our house. Not only is the room not finished, it's not yet been taped and mudded. Kind of a necessity to move things along. Our friend who was suppose to mud it for us has blown us off for the past week leaving us no choice but to do it ourselves. Should be a fun time. Seriously what the hell do I know about mudding? Thankfully my fiance has built the room so far and has done an amazing job and he has a clue.

So once we get that done, we have to sand, skim coat it, and sand again. Then begins the fun job of painting. I have to admit that I enjoy it so that's no problem. Then we need to lay the carpeting. Maybe buying a bed would be a nice idea as it will be used as a bedroom.

So that leaves us a few days. Then there is the whole other issue of him packing his apartment and moving. Which would be fine if we didn't have 2 birthday party celebrations that will consume most of Saturday and he has to put in 8 hours at work at some point Saturday and/or Sunday. Ha. How's that working out? We shall see.........

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