Friday, October 26, 2007


Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Though I have to admit that having to break out the ice scraper this morning sucked. Aside from that I love to see the leaves changing colors, the "fall" smells, and the air is so cool and refreshing. It's the time of fairs, apple picking, pumpkins, and the impending holidays. I love lighting candles at night and getting comfy on the couch with a book and a warm blanket. If I only had the time to do it, all would be great!

We went to a pumpkin party at a friends house this past weekend. The girls each brought a pumpkin to carve and decorate. For those of you who know my children, it will be very easy to figure out which pumpkin belongs to which girl. Samantha is my serious one and was the first one to start carving and the last one to finish. It took her over an hour. Note to self: bring smaller pumpkins next year. Now Megan's take on life is "the flashier and more glitzy, the better". So in addition to carving, she painted her pumpkin too with bright colors and the word "princess". And it took her half the time it took Samantha. It's amazing how two children can be related and yet so different.

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